Monday, April 02, 2007

Man calls religion an "ignorance fed throwback to a time when god was the only good explanation we had." -Church groups angry.

Members of the First Reformed Envangelical Holy Bible Church reported that a young smelly hippie mockingly smiled and in a fake polite way claimed not to be interested in literature being offered by the church members downtown on the corner of 5th and Main. "We could tell just by the way he looked with those "John Lennon" style glasses and the "books" in his backpack that he was a smelly hippie. That buttoned shirt and dockers he was wearing didn't fool us." said Yvonne Sheldon, leader of the youth outreach committe that was handing out the literature. "At first he just smiled in that sneering way that those Starbucks(R) materialists do. 'No thank you.' That's what he said. Sheesh, you'd think we were handing out the plague or something."

After offering the literature several more times the man still refused to take it. "We were all gathered around the guy, you know, trying to figure out why he didn't want us to tell him about everlasting life in the comforting arms of our holy father, Jesus when he looks right at Sam (Johnson) and says, 'religion is an ignorance fed throwback to a time when god was the only good explanation we had to phenomena that we can understand now. In the old days, we thought god did stuff that we know now that isn't the case at all. But you aren't going to believe me anyway so it doesn't matter.' Yeah something like that anyway." said Marie Wilson. "Boy oh boy is that guy gonna get a load of God's wrath. He's gonna get a plague, or drown in a flood or something cause God's gonna give it to him. Just like New Orleans fell under Katrina for it's godless pursuit of music and parties. God did it to them and he'll do it to this guy too. Boy when God hits him with a lightning bolt or turns him into a statue of salt or something, he'll wish he knew about god's love all right."

Several Church groups from across the city have condemned the man's behavior and a town meeting style event will be held thursday night in the Six Days seminar room at the Fundemental Christian Church on NW 23rd and Clay.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, God's going to give it to you for things like this. He's going to leave you in a gay bar with a broken down pickup truck as your only escape. "Ron" will offer you a "ride" home.