Thursday, November 17, 2005

How Christianity Entered My Life As A Child

I knew two families with kids who were Christian. I just figured it was their flavor of insanity and didn’t think much of it. I guess I figured it was harmless. The only two times it ever entered my life were when my dad asked one of the neighbor kids if Jesus or Superman was stronger and when my other Christian friend and I read his Christian comic books up in his room. In hindsight, those were both pretty funny experiences. Riding home in the backseat of our Oldsmobile station wagon- the great big kind from the late sixties/ early seventies- and seven year old Billy was talking about Jesus. My dad asked him who was stronger, Jesus or Superman. Billy immediately answered “Jesus”. My dad responded, “but Superman can fly”. That stumped Billy. I wonder if he ever thought about that question again.

The other time, I was staying the night at my other Christian friend’s house, we read his Christian comics while he told me about god. The comics had the evil Satanists imbued with supernatural powers fueled by their blood sacrifices and so on pitted against the weak and lowly Christians who only had one power and it seemed like a pretty pathetic power to me. They could call on Jesus when they were captured by the powerful Satanists and the Satanists would die. The Satanist had super strength from their god. The Christians had squat. When I suggested to my friend that the Satanists seemed like they had the better deal, he replied, “but the Christians can kill the Satanists!” So the lesson I took away from that was avoiding Christians if you happen to be a Satanist. They want to kill you.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad that you never got the good word while you were a child. It is so much harder to learn the value of faith as an adult.

noname said...

"It is so sad that you never got the good word while you were a child. It is so much harder to learn the value of faith as an adult."

Yep. Children are much easier to brainwash.

I think it should not be allowed to teach any religion until you are 18. Religion would die off, because you wouldn't have that message pounded relentlessly into your head from such an early age, you wouldn't buy into it at all.

BWE said...

I'm sorry, did I say something that bothered you anonymous? Because I certainly didn't intend too.

Joshua said...

Shocking- such hatred from someone living in Little Beirut? What a surprise.

It shows real maturity to attack those of faith (who outnumber you by a margin of what? Oh 100 million to 1?) as having some sort of insanity. I'm sure so many have gained great insight from your wise words.

BWE said...

I'm getting confused now. Anonymous is sad, No name is mad, and Joshua is talking Jihad and I'm just glad.