Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm from Missouri: Judge Jones the hypocrite

I'm from Missouri: Judge Jones the hypocrite

Judge Jones is taking Cues from Judge Dredd and whuppin on the darwin hating rat bastard mutherfockers on the christian-wingnut cousin-fuckin 3-toothed political righties. It pisses them off that they know how we all look down at them and laugh. It bothers them that we can feel pity for their kids but only contempt for them. And it bothers them that they are wrong


Larry Fafarman said...

See, this is what I mean. Judge Jones' demagogic pandering in his libelous attacks on the Dover defendants have made criticism and critics of Darwinism objects of ridicule around the country. He even accused the Dover defendants of "breathtaking inanity." He says that politics should be kept out of the courts but he is just a big demagogue himself.

John said...

Let me translate Larry's comment:

Judge Jones is a big meanie!

J**** C*****, Larry.