Friday, January 27, 2006

Go for it. This is the kind of crap they come up with.

Have a field day with this one. I haven't been getting too many comments lately so I figured I'd plop this one in.

Intelligent Design is Original Source of Life –ID- Series IV

California - The issue of Intelligent Design (ID) has come so closer to the human heart now that it has never been before. The main reason is that the verdict given by a Judge in America against the use of ID looks to have given a blanket power to the followers of Darwin’s theory of Man’s evolution.

“ The scientists recent finding on the chimp that it has stunning similarities with man having a difference of 3 to 4% in DNA test has revived the controversy. It has not only made it live but also set a proper battle to be fought between the champions of ID and supporters of Darwin’s theory of Man’s evolution.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India, the head of SAROUL (Scientific Advance Research of Universe and Life) is quite confident that the discipline of ID is a scientific reality. He said, “It is the strongest of the strongest, and I want all the champions of Intelligent Design (ID) to come on one platform to counter them with a proper argument so as to save the people from being misled by Darwinism.

Dr. Raj Baldev said, “If the Supporters of the ID take it light and let the eminence and usefulness of ID overlooked or neglected, it can surely affect our lives. It may lead to a state of in-discipline in our moral and spiritual life all over the world and may deteriorate the moral standard of all the coming generations.


Irrational Entity said...

"It may lead to a state of in-discipline in our moral and spiritual life all over the world and may deteriorate the moral standard of all the coming generations."

...but it is not about religion. No, not at all. Just science. Nothing to see here. Move along.

BWE said...

Did you notice the difference between champions and supporters?

Lifewish said...

Oh please for the love of God^Wsomething, tell me that was a spoof. These people couldn't cram more cognitive dissonance into their brains if they tried.

Anonymous said...

Follow the link in the title. It's for real. OMG.

It appears that their is plenty of empty space in their heads to cram lots more C.D.

truth machine said...

There is no "link in the title", but google yields

However, the fact that some organization calling itself internationalreporter posts a horribly ungrammatical and misspelled article about the views of some whackjob ("Cosmo Theorist"?) is neither here nor there. Here's another article quoting the same nutcase:

"Some people like scientists think that everything has sprung up by mere chance and there is no higher force involved in it and they are wrong."

BWE said...

Hmmm. The link appears to have been removed when I changed it's date a week ago or so.

But thank you Truth Machine, you did indeed find the correct link.

And you did indeed summarize the problem and illustrate it with a relevant quote.